Rob Rides EMTB – DualGuard Mention

Rob Rides EMTB got hold of one of our DualGuard and it has been featured in his YouTube Video Do you ride your bike in the rain? Here are some of the key points Rob mentions about the DualGuard. If you want to get in on the action and find out for yourself why the […]

Fitting the DualGuard

The DualGuard has been designed to be fitted in just a few easy steps, to show how simple the process is we have put together a video or you can look through the photos and the following fitting instructions: On the latest model of the Levo and the Kenevo it comes with a little plastic […]

In the beginning

SicoMTB Products came out of seeing a problem with no solution that fitted the need. Sico’s owner Simon has been in the mountain bike game for a long time, over 20 years involved in mountain biking and motor bike racing. With his intricate knowledge and his wife, Magda’s experience in retail management they make the […]