Specialized Kenevo 2020 MudGuard Carbon Effect


SicoMTB Products “DualGuard” mudguard for Specialized Kenevo 2020

Vacuum formed Polypropylene.

Decreased tyre clearance by only 2.2mm.

Please refer to the fitting guide as it is the same process for the Levo and Kenevo.

This product WONT fit the S-Works.

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SicoMTB Products went to Axiom Product Development with a problem, the problem was to come up with a solution to limit the amount of water and debris that would build up around the linkage and motor housing after a ride. With SicoMTB Products in depth knowledge of mountain biking and Axiom’s expertise we knew we could come up with the perfect solution, the result of this hard work is the DualGuard.

The main problem with fitting a mudguard to the back of the 2019 Levo is the way the linkage works and the amount of clearance you have between the tyre and the frame, this is where Axiom’s designer came in with a different approach to any other mudguard currently on the market. Rather than having a singular piece mudguard they designed a two piece guard that would work separately from one another but still cover the frame at any point of the suspensions stroke.

To solve the problem of clearance of the tyre, Axiom took a 3D image of the Levo and designed the DualGuard to fit tightly around the rear linkage, by doing this it enabled maximum clearance for the tyre and as such has only decreased the tyre clearance by 2.2mm. Resulting in a beautiful design and a mudguard that truly works. This is the second version of the DualGuard, it comes in a carbon effect print, if you want the original that can be found here

Click here for instructions on how to fit the DualGuard